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The Bastion
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Red Dawn

DarthCutie, Feb 6, 12 6:13 AM.
Due to the fact that our GM is not longer active........ Red Dawn has been formed to rise from the ashes.
Please seek out Red Dawn and transfer over :) so we can enjoy the guild perks coming in march :)
Babefett is the GM for now.


STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS(plz dont change the channel like u do when its on tv lol)

DarthCutie, Feb 5, 12 3:28 AM.
Ive decided to put my stump down and take charge of things. There has been waaaay too much drama between those who were selected to specifically set an example to prevent the very thing they themselves are doing.
Also, many of you are getting frusterated by the lack of leadership....I am the GM assitant and as of righ tnow, Im taking control as Acting GM until either our GM is able to return full time or officially transfers the title over.
First order of buisness:
Our leadership structure, Ive reset everyone to member and the council will be reset when varr gets on tomorrow.
We are going to select a total of 10 officers who will be incharge of various tasks such as raids, endgame, the bank, ect. if you think you are capable of doing the job and setting an example send me a ingame mail to Callia. If you dont want the spot but know someone you think is a good choice tell me. Next saterday I will post a list of names for consideration. I will ask everyone to PM me, on this site, there votes the top 10 people will be the new officers.
Every 6 months, or if the situation requires it. those 10 people will be voted on again and replacments voted in if neccasary. 

This guild is falling apart, I know alot of you are frusterated and growing impatient, all I ask is you give me 2 more weeks to get our new leadership in place so we can heal this fractured guild family.

--- Emmy, AkA Callia/Babefett                                     


DarthCutie, Jan 22, 12 9:14 PM.
Found out alot of people DONT know about these.


ralgool, Jan 18, 12 4:26 AM.
The previous vent channel has been removed. Please use the following ventrillo information:
Port: 24444


End Game Gearing Guide

ralgool, Jan 16, 12 4:09 PM.
Attached is a website which includes a very detailed guide on gearing for end game. Lets get some gear going so we can start 8 and 16 man ops!
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Welcome to Red Eclipse :)

Ventrillo Information: Port: 24444
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